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Art + Experience x love = Web Design

At KaJ Labs we believe that web Designing is not just creating a graphic design for the web with standard tools and widgets to deploy the sites. It is art powered by creativity. And we are artists with perfection and creativity in our DNA. We invest our hearts and emotions in every project to create the most innovative and contemporary designs that excite, motivate and engage users.

We are passionate about designs and we use our experience, imagination and strategies to convert your ideas into reality. Good designs come from the heart and we want to feel proud of the work that we do for our clients.

What makes us different?

always on top of trends

always on top of trends

Web designing works like fashion. Like fashion, web designing trends keep on evolving and the best way to stay in the race is to always stay updated.

With the new technologies coming up every day, customers want to keep themselves updated with all the latest gadgets. As an example – everyday more and more people are using smart phones and mobile devices to browse the web. This has raised the requirement for websites to be viewed in the best possible way in different mediums like smart phones, mobile phones, laptops and desktops. We create design that fits all. All our websites are built using responsive web designs. This ensures maximum compatibility with different browsers and devices, making your website available to larger audience.

We design and develop customized digital solutions using the latest technologies so that we can always stay on top of trends.

always on top of trends

It’s never “just a page” for us

There’s a sense of fun and excitement to create bold, colorful and innovative designs for global brands. We not only design beautiful websites but intuitive online experience for the users. We understand website designing is not just about being creative but being functional too. There are many other factors that need to be considered which include the site structure, content, navigation, site functionality, images alignment and information architecture. These factors are equally important as the design and hence should be presented in a way that results in business efficacy. We offer state-of-the-art web designing services that focus on behavior, commerce and success.

Building profitable websites is our expertise and we ensure to create a user-driven website for transacting revenue.

always on top of trends

What’s right for your audience

We understand that every client has different requirements. With 10 years of experience in building websites, we have designed and developed hundreds of projects, out of which NO website design has been the same.

We design websites that look great and work really well – and most importantly fulfill your objectives. Because after all, we can build you a fort but if your customers are looking for an apartment, what good is it?

The most beautifully designed website is of no use until it attracts the potential customers which can turn into buyers in future. We have expertise, to create the most effective, targeted and personalized web designs that can suit your brand’s business objectives and help you in achieving great web presence.

Our creative design solutions ensure that your target audience gets to interact and engage with you.

always on top of trends

Even your grandma could use

Our websites might look good (Okay some of them look awesomely great!) – But that’s not all they do. We know your websites works as your prime salesperson and caters to all age groups. We create effective designs that are easy to understand, user-friendly and attractive.

Success of a website depends upon three things- time taken to load the website, design, easy to use and navigate. And we create website which excel in all the three factors. We aim to build professional, interactive and well-designed websites for our valuable clients worldwide.

always on top of trends

experienced artists

Ideas alone can’t bring brands to life. The action does. Every single person is passionate about creativity and is a perfectionist at heart. We have a team of multi-talented, passionate, smart and interesting web designers and developers who make the magic happen.

Web designing is not only a job for these guys – it is their passion and career. Our efficient team of designers and marketers know how to communicate and connect with different audience. World-class brands trust us because we have the expertise to convert their brand stories into a highly interactive experience.

always on top of trends

We design from our hearts

We believe success comes from innovative imagination, passion and intelligence. Our commitment of doing what we love and investing our hearts in every project is the main reason behind our growth to attract world-class clients.

We design for everyone… this may sound little expansive, nevertheless we have worked with clients across 48 countries worldwide, we specialize in building websites for business start-ups, small and medium companies, and established entrepreneurs. We have designed websites for all the major sectors namely hospitality, pharmacy, hotels, sports, and more.

It doesn’t matter what you do, we will strive to learn maximum about your business – enabling us to design something that suits your standards and needs!


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As a web design company, we know how to keep you ahead of your competitors. Our main aim is to understand your brand’s goals and that of your competitors for website designing and overall marketing. During this phase our team carries out an extensive competitive analysis in which we assess the strengths and weaknesses of your potential competitors. This analysis helps to build up a strategy to overcome the threats and utilize the opportunities for the best results.

We all know first impression counts a lot, therefore design matters! We strive to stay updated with all the latest trends and spot on how prominent agencies are designing at the moment. The concept and the designs that we pursue are a result of market research and client requests. Our cutting-edge designs web designs works as a powerful marketing tool for your company and helps to put a leg up on your competitors. We endeavor to design a website that provides you better visibility and higher conversion rate than your competitors.

To enhance your web performance, we not only provide you with compelling and responsive web designs but also effective keyword strategy and SEO tactics.


Once all the research and analysis is done, the execution phase comes in, which is the last step of project cycle. During this phase our project manager works with the team to get the work executed as per the plan. The project manager continuously monitors the progress of project activities, identifies issues, creates an enhancing plan and regularly reports the clients about the updations. In case of any changes, the work is reviewed and the changes are implemented to the project. Each project is reviewed for quality and measured against the acceptance criteria before making the delivery. Once the project is ready, it is delivered to you!


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