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Fact: High rankings = More business

SEO is not just a mere term, in fact it is everything. The business on Internet works on one simple formula, which is: Higher the rank, more the business. And the ranking on the website is assured by good Search engine Optimization on it. We are experts at getting your site ranked on all the major search engines. Now this is what everyone claims, how are we different? Is because of the approach we use. We don’t’ work on keywords, rather we glorify the brand. We make sure that people connect with you genuinely. The articles we submit are original and authentic. The links we built are proper and targeted. The social networking sites we target are done with crystal aim and proper techniques. We don’t believe in bombarding the web with unnecessary URL’s and links. Rather, we plan every move and strategize every step. This is why, while other companies aim for ranks, we aim for business. Our experts always keep themselves up to date with all the latest guidelines and search engine algorithms. We understand how an ill-performed task on SEO can hamper the standing of the business on the Internet. This is why; we never indulge into practices that are deemed unprofessional and unethical. Your business reputation is our guarantee, and we know how to safeguard it.

SEO explained easy…

The Story of Joe and David



“Joe and Dave Two artists looking to sell paintings online what would it take for them to succeed?“
Target country:
Target Audience:
Art lovers with big pockets!

Joe begins with No Seo:

Confident in his work, Joe thinks he can sell his work on merit. He is informed about the SEO, but declines the offer, thinking it’s of no use to him or his business. According to him, these operations are meant for big co-operates and businesses. So, lucky-go-Joe, hits the Internet with his website, without any SEO services.

Default Keywords:

Joe Paintings
Estimated Search: N/A
Competition: Low
About Joe
Estimated Search: N/A
Competition: Low
Joe’s Art
Estimated Search: N/A
Competition: Low

Why were these keywords chosen?

Since Joe, isn’t aware about how things operate with Search engine operations. His selection of keywords is moderate. He goes with the keywords without using any tools or techniques. So what he puts up with is just an assumption of what he thinks, will help users find him. His selection is general, and would have taken him only 5 minutes to come up with choice of words.

Website changes based
on targeted keywords


Offpage activities

Joe’s Facebook page

Dave begins with Seo:

Unlike Joe, Dave went with his gut feeling. He understood the potential that is involved with ranking his site high. He plans his moves, and hires an expert SEO company with good brand reputation to promote his venture online. Unaware, of how these operations are performed, he leaves everything on the company he has hired to provide him with SEO services.

Understanding the target Keywords:

Oil Paintings
Estimated Search: 840/mo
Competition: Low
Modern Art
Estimated Search: 1000/mo
Competition: Average
Buy Paintings
Estimated Search: 2500/mo
Competition: High
Purchase oil paintings
Estimated Search: 2000/mo
Competition: Average
Best oil paintings
Estimated Search: 4000/mo
Competition: high
Buy Modern Art online
Estimated Search: 4500/mo
Competition: high

Why were these keywords chosen?

These keywords are not wishful guesses. The SEO experts have chosen all the advance and latest tool to analyze what are the best keywords, which users can use to reach a particular business. After extracting these keywords, they analyze the competition that is there on each keyword. So that they can pick the keywords they want to work on to optimize Dave’s website ranking.

Website changes based

Now the real operations began. Using right keywords, first the amendments are made in the websites content. Proper descriptions are added, and Meta tags are used to make sure that ranking trackers notice these keywords on Dave’s site. So that when the user types a particular keyword on any search engine, the URL on Dave’s site pushes it up in the rankings.

Offpage activities

On page activities are not enough to get the site ranked. Dave requires proper Offpage support to promote his website. In this stage, the SEO experts build some quality links, and submit on various imperative platforms. Genuine, quality, informative articles are written and submitted with the URL’s. Proper brand marketing is done on all the social media platforms to bring site into recognition of the targeted audience.


Unique Monthly Organic Visitors
Conversion Rate
Average Monthly Sales
Average Growth Rate Visitors/Sales
Client Summary
100% from references/facebook
Social coverage through website
0% increase monthly
The Results


Unique Monthly Organic Visitors
Conversion Rate
Average Monthly Sales
Average Growth Rate Visitors/Sales
Client Summary
100% from references/facebook
Social coverage through website
60% increase monthly

Alright, now. Why never to risk choosing an unqualified SEO Provider

If you have decided to take SEO services for your business, then why not choose the best? Most times people settle with service providers who offer them SEO services at low price range. Now this might help you save few bucks upfront, but these techniques are certainly not useful in the longer run. Why, we will explain it with an example.

Let’s say A, paid $500 to a company that itself isn’t present anywhere on the web, while B went with a branded name for $1500. Now on an onset it seems that A has ended up saving $1000 on his website. But in reality, B at the end of the month will end up getting more business than A. Reason being simple; the quality of services given to B will be far better than what A would get. End result: more business, more revenue.

This is what we also believe in. Spamming the entire web space with unnecessary links is going get your business in trouble on all the major search engine pages. This is why we select our target range. And smartly place our links at places that will get noticed and ranked. Every penny spent, is every penny earned with our specialization. We use all the techniques and algorithms in am elegant way to ensure effective and fruitful results

Our SEO Plans/ Prices

theGood theGreat theAwesome
PRE SEO      
Website Analysis      
Keyword Research & Analysis      
Competitors Analysis      
In Bound Links Report      
Broken Links Report      


ON PAGE SEO            
No of Keywords   10   20   40
URL Rewriting      
Writing Titles & Descriptions      
Internal Linking      
XML Sitemap & Robots.txt      
Alt Tag Optimization      
Header Tag Optimization      
301 Redirection      
Google and Bing Webmasters Setup      
RSS Feeds      
Anchor Text Optimization      
Duplicate Content Check      
W3C Validation      


OFF PAGE SEO            
Directory Submissions   100   200   300
Blog Updation   7   10   15
Social Bookmarkings   30   70   100
Press Release Submissions   5   10   15
Classified Ads Submission   10   15   20
Document Sharing   5   10   15
Forum Postings/ Commenting     10   20
RSS Feeds Submission     10   20
Google Local Listing/ Google Places      
Q & A      


SEO/SMO Reporting            
Creating Social Media Profiles (twitter, FB Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn)      
Squidoo Lens Creation   1   3   6
Hub Page Creation   1   3   6
Video Marketing      


SEO/SMO Reporting            
Google Analytics Report      
Search Engines Ranking Reports      
Backlinks Report      
Google Webmaster Report      
SMO Report      
    $1500/m   $3250/m   $5000/m