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A good App idea must be supported by a lavish App Design

Right, so you have an idea to develop a fascinating app, which you think will be able to create its own mark in the growing competitive market. First thing you have to make sure is that you get your app an appropriate design. Nothing entices the users more towards a product than its design. You have to understand this key aspect that your app is an unknown entity in the market till the time; it is not used or reviewed. A well design App adds to the charm and compels the viewers towards it. It demands an attention with its impressive, well crafted artistic look. We at KaJ Labs know how to embark such appealing designs for your Application. From customizing an App to making sure that it performs well on all the platforms, we make sure that we deliver you the quality at an easy affordable rate.

Custom App Designs

Custom Apps Design

There is nothing wrong in giving your app, your own customized look. In fact, we encourage you and help you customize your app design. With our wide range of expertise and rich experience, we will stylize your idea into rapturous app design. We know the difference between an App and a successful App. Therefore, we make sure that we check what we have made thoroughly, so that you won’t have to answer mediocrity in the market. There are lots of things that go into the making of a successful app. And design is certainly one of it. It is not something that can be taken lightly. This is why we are always up-to-date with our tools, so that we can deliver our clients polished and brilliant designs. And thus far, we have never failed in our commitment or promise.

All Platforms

All Platforms

We are not a one app wonder. In other words, we design and deliver you apps for all the platforms. Irrespective whether it is for iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 or Ios, we know the working of these platforms, and what it takes to make an impression on them. With our design you can be sure that your app will be compatible and look impressive on the targeted platform. In fact, before approaching you with the final delivery, we do the test run of the app we have designed. And make sure that your app is good to go and compete in the market. Users of all the reputed platforms associate apps with their brand. This is why, we make sure that mediocrity is taken out of equation, and you are presented with a product, which will not harm your market reputation.

We Are Flexible

Coders, Outsource design work.

We have all the resources available within our premises. With an army of talented coders and designers, you can always trust us to deliver you the quality. You can trust our services, and can outsource your work. How this will help you? You will get great results, in a stipulated time frame, under a required budget. With our brand backing, you can be more confident in your approach, and raise the price stake of your product in the market. Any form of association with us, will always prove beneficial to your venture.

Specialized Design services

Quality of our designers is the last thing you should be worried about. We know our stuff better than anyone else. We have been in this market for quite some time, and have delivered consistently as per our clients need. We are well versed with all the latest codes and techniques. And have all the artistic tools readily available with us, to give you some dashing and appealing results, at an affordable budget. We make sure that you are kept in loop all the time, so that you can have an active say on what is being designed.

We will get it right. The first time

First we understand, and then we design. We make sure that we have understood all the requirements well, before we start our attempt. This is why we nail our projects in the first go. We keep you involved and active on all the stages, so that you can monitor and check the progress, and accordingly comment upon inconsistencies- if you find any. Our approach to task is systematic and our dedication is meditative. This is the reason why we are reasonable in our pricing, because we know we will deliver you the results within a stipulated time frame. And that always help in final costing.

Get the source code

We give you the complete ownership of your work. Where others companies only give you files, images and contents. We go ahead and deliver you the source code. This is how secure we are in our operations. With help of source code, you can easily edit or make changes on your project. You can implement new features or delete the existing ones, without seeking anyone’s help. In other words, we completely hand over all the authority of the project to you. For us, you are the master of your product, and must exhibit all the control on it.

The process of Awesomeness

Scribling the idea
Scribling the idea

Once you know, what you want, rest of the process becomes easy. This is why we give such a due consideration to an idea before proceeding in our operations. We work upon different strategies. Study current market trends. Understand your vision and purpose, and only then, we proceed. For us the stage of planning is imperative. We know the efforts we spend first stage, will benefit us at the later stages of development. Your participation in the stage of planning is always welcomed. We make sure that you are consistently updated with our efforts. And are clear with what we are thinking and how we will be proceeding. We strongly believe that your vision must have your impression.

Wireframing it

Once we sketch out how we will proceed and get your approval on it. We move onto our next step, which is Wireframing. Here all the strategies and ideas are mixed together with creative approach to decide on a path, which will yield us our desired goals. In this stage, we stylishly refine every aspect of what we have discussed and make sure that every effort is directed towards one single aim. We put down our approach on paper, and double check it with you, so that you are also aware of where we are headed with our designing. The final sketches are shared with all the team members to make sure they are crystal about what is expected from them. This is the stage, where expectations are explained and proper channels are defined. We knit the success of the design in this stage itself. This is why; we always deliver in our first attempt.

Wireframing it
Final Output
Final Output

This is where, perfection meets imagination. We put all our efforts in this stage, to ensure that we deliver you what we have promised. Our designers using all their experience and exuberance make sure they cover every detail, which was discussed in earlier stages. With regular reporting, you are also updated on the progress of your project. This stage of development also includes quality analysis. What we develop and design is strictly monitored and tested by our quality experts to make sure that we reach the standard we aimed. We make sure we deliver you the product that you can launch in the market straightaway. We take full ownership of our claim that is why we are particular about our planning and designing on all the stage.

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