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3D Modeling at its best

Imagination can escape gravity, if a little dash on 3D is added to it. Virtual world can surpass the dynamism of real world, if artist working with this technology, knows how to use this craft well. And we have the creative brains working in our studios that are in love, with what they do. Using all the advance and latest techniques, they help in creating structures of eloquent visual appeal. You can shun all the barriers of conformity, with our 3d Modeling service. Whether you want to use it for, games, logos, videos or for web, we have all tools and resources at our disposal.

From 3D logos to 3D game prefabs..

3D for Video

For Video

Imagine the rush in the adrenaline, if you see a fast car running towards you. You know, it’s a video, and the car will not be able to surpass the screen. But such is the magnitude of that effect that you can’t stop yourself from ducking under the table. This is the magic of 3d. It makes impossible look real. And we have all the tools and resources, which help us, create that wow effect for your videos. The process of creating stunningly rich videos starts with the selection of right tools, and we have all the understanding of how that is achieved. We know, what clients expect from their 3D videos, this is why we succeed in surprising them in a mesmerizing way, with the results we produce. Our process of development is detailed, and proper focused attention is given to each detail. We create videos that create their own trends.

3D for websites

For Web

The scope of explaining your ideas in its most striking form is only possible through the right use of 3D effects. You can add new dimension to your presentation, and touch the core of the subjects that you otherwise would have failed to do. We in our studios, not only create these stunning effects. But also test them thoroughly to make sure that they perform smoothly on all the platforms. No matter what line of business are you dealing in, we always have something new to offer you with our 3d Modeling expertise. Normal charts and graphs are very pale and ordinary. The effect of things explained using 3d models has its own imposing impact. In our studios we have all the necessary means available with us, to make sure that what you are offered is only pushing your operation forward in a ravishing way.

3D for games

For Games

They are the most prolific form of entertainment. They are enjoyed by people of all age groups. Games pack adventure, with thrills and excitement. And if you add a ting of 3d into it, then the results are even more smashing. We know how to develop those eyes appealing graphics and heart pumping effects, using advance 3d modeling techniques. We with our methods and tools make playing games an excitingly rich experience. Using proper storylines, and right amount of graphics, with soothing sound effects, we make sure that results we produce are applauded and praised by the audience world wide. We have already proved our worth in this field by delivering results that have enticed our customers. Our artist involved in game development, are in awe of the possibilities they can create using these advance tools. This is why every frame of our work stands out in its own unique way.

Tools we use..


It is the most trusted and widely used software in gaming field. And we are masters in it. We use the Maya in its most advance form. Using tools like, modeling, simulation and matchmoving. With our experience and handling skills, we make complex solutions much simpler and easier. Maya is a box of magic, if it’s open in a right way. And we know how to handle this box to perfection.

3DS Max

This is the advance software for animation. It has all the tools available to the artist, which makes animation an enigmatic feast. For the artists who are well versed with the use of these tools, this is not less than a treat. Along with games, this technology can be used for any co-operate sector like engineers and real estates.


A digital masterpiece. Prepared by matching and mixing 3d and 2.5 modeling features. This tool is dynamite in use. You can create effects, pictures, sounds, and displays that redefine the medium of entertainment. Visuals produced are perfected to high resolutions, which go up to 10 million polygons. ZBrush is a revolutionary tool, and we know to use it in your favor.

Unity 3D

A stylish gaming engine that helps produce some magnetizing effects. The games produced using these tools are in their own different league. This engine has an in-built IDE, which is why it is called Unity. Already games produced using these engines have gained landmark heights. This tool is used by designers worldwide.


This open source concept is developed using Java. This tool helps in mapping and arranging stuffs for libraries and teaching faculty. Pushing the use of technology in academics, this is the future of tomorrow. We use this software imaginatively to help you cover all the areas in information. Our skills and mastery on this platform are easily visible on the results we produce.

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